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Collection Assessment: Middleton’s Teen Graphic Novels

The Teen area at Middleton Public Library

During my Youth Services practicum at Middleton Public Library in the fall of 2011, I had the opportunity to assess the Teen Graphic Novel collection, which includes nearly 1000 items.

My goal was to evaluate the items in the collection, and present my supervisor with a list of titles that would weed the Teen Graphic Novels by 20%. The South Central Library System had just migrated all records to the Koha ILS a few months before; the transition was bumpy (to say the least!) and collecting circulation statistics was not easy: instead of simply requesting a stats document, I had to scan each item and collect the circ stats manually!

It seemed daunting at first, but over the course of several weeks, I laid hands on 0ver 840 items in the collection and I was able to do a comprehensive physical assessment while I collected statistics.  I learned a lot about the fast-paced ebb and flow of a teen collection by looking so closely at these items and their circulation patterns, especially for long-running series like Naruto.

I also got to spend a lot of time with the Teen Advisory Council during my practicum.  It was fun to to ask them their opinions about new books and media, and to find out what kinds of things they wanted to be able to find at the library. There were patterns in these conversations as well, and these helped to guide my picks for selection.

I’m sharing the documents I created as part of my practicum and the Collection Development course I took, with a few annotations about what you’ll find in each:

  • My full Weeding List for the Teen Graphic Novel Collection, prefaced with the basic criteria I used for weeding, which was drawn from the library’s Collection Development Policy, and the Young Adult Collection and Philosophy documents my supervisor shared with me.

By the numbers:

Total number of titles evaluated: 846

Weeding target: 20% / 170 title

Total number of weeded titles: 188

Total number of RED priority weeded titles: 149

  • My Weeding and Selection Report, complete with review citations and title lists.  I wrote this report for the Collection Development course I took at UW-Madison.  The parameters of the assignment required a smaller collection than the Teen Graphic Novels at Middleton, so you’ll see that I neglected manga from this assessment (manga is included in the Weeding List for the entire collection above).  This report explicates the research and the process I used for both this assignment and the larger project I completed for the practicum, including a summary of the Collection Development Policies I used to guide my assessment.
  • My Weeding and Selection Power Point Presentation, a quickie version of the full report linked above (includes pictures!).

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