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5 Teen Book Review Sites

A few of my favorite sites for Teen Book Reviews:

  • Flamingnet Book Reviews  Flamingnet was created by Seth Cassell, who is now in college, when he was in 5th grade.  He combined his hobbies of reading and computer programming to create a website where he could review his favorite books…and then publishers began sending him ARCs to review.  Now, the site hosts reviews from teens in 42 states and England and Australia.  If you want to know about what teens like to read and why, this is an excellent place to start.
  • Reading Rants: Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists Reading Rants was created by Jennifer Hubert, a Middle School Librarian, in 1998.  The website began as a place for her to write reviews and create booklists for her readers; in 2007, Reading Rants got a makeover and became an interactive blog where Teens can comment on Jennifer’s reviews and submit their own.
  • Steph Bowe’s Hey! Teenager of the Year This site is curated by Steph Bowe, a teen author from Australia. There are lots of book reviews, but the site also includes writing advice for aspiring teen writers, author interviews,  and other blog-ish offerings like “thoughts on teenagerdom.”  It’s a nice community, and offers some real gems in terms of reviews of books from the Australian market.
  • Teen Ink  Teen Ink is an online and print-based magazine written by and for teens who are into writing.  It includes forums for poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art/photos, and video, as well as a section dedicated to reviews for tons of different media. The site is interactive, too, so teens can post comments on reviews, and submit work.  Teen Ink also has a publishing arm, and teens can submit their novels and other work to the site for consideration.
  • No Flying No Tights No Flying No Tights is an excellent place to find graphic novel reviews, and it has an entire section dedicated to Teen GNs. The site also includes a blogroll of links to other review sites (the Manga ones are particularly useful), and resources and booklists for librarians.

Do you have other go-to review sites?  I’d love to hear your recommendations! Leave a note in the Comments below 🙂


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