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YA Lit for Adults

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Young Adult Literature has a ton of appeal for adults (no matter what Joel Stein has to say on the matter).

At Monona Public Library, where I did a summer practicum in 2011, I participated in a lively and popular adult book club that only read YA Literature– the Teen Lit for Adults book club.

I helped to create book lists for the the bi-annual vote for new titles, and I compiled lists of read-alikes for other members in the group.  One nice thing about reading YA lit with other adults was the perspective shift:  a book club with teens rightly focuses on what the teens are going through and how they relate to the story.  With adults, there is a wonderful extra layer of nostalgia, remberance, and critical thinking about things like character development, plot, and social commentary.

Adults often appreciate award winners more than teens do a well (adults award the prizes, after all), so you can get some mileage out of wonderful books (especially Printz titles) by recommending them to adults or sharing them in a book club.

I have a wide circle of friends who enjoy YA lit and often ask me for recommendations, so my YA Lit for Adults pinboard is always growing with new titles and series.


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